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When Arseweb started up in 1994, there weren't any other Arsenal sites at all. Now there are a few more, and many of them are very very good...
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Official and unofficial supporters clubs from around the world. Descriptions may be limited due to language restrictions.
Sites are listed alphabetically by location rather than by site name, so as to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

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  • ROW List From Arsenal World - As well as some of the local supporters club sites listed below, Arsenal World's page has contact details for some local supporters clubs that don't have websites.
  • America - More than just a site for the official USA and Canada Arsenal Supporters Club. This has regular articles by fans from across the pond, some with a slight tendency to short-term thinking. With a list of branch offices in various cities across the continent.
  • America: New York - Nice site, with news and forums. Perhaps there should be more but I can't tell cos the menus at the top don't seem to be working.
  • Arabia - 'Arsenal4Arab'. Looks good but can't understand a word. Is it based somewhere specific?.
  • Australia - 'Arsenal in Oz'. Not a supporters club site actually, so much as a site by an Oz-based supporter.
  • China - Chinese version of the official site. Looks nice, unintelligible. Any Chinese speakers/readers care to comment?.
  • Denmark - I think this is an official supporters' club. Nice site, in Danish.
  • Greece - An officially recognised supporters' club, formed in 2003. Meetins are held in Athens but membership (of over 100) is from all over Greece.
  • Indonesia - I suspect it's not an officially recognised supporters' club, but it looks a decent site. Anyone care to comment?.
  • Asia - An official supporters' club, apparently. But what language is it in? Japanese? Korean?.
  • Ireland: Cork City - An officially recognised supporters club.
  • Ireland: Dublin - Official Dublin supporters' club site.
  • Malaysia - A Malaysian supporters' club, gearing up for official recognition. In English.
  • Malta - Not an officially recognised supporters' club. Looks like they have fun.
  • Norway - Official Norwegian supporters' club site, in Norwegian.
  • Poland - In Polish. Looks alright, anyone care to comment on the content?.
  • Ireland: Tipperary - Tipperary Town and District Arsenal Supporters Club. In the process of gaining official recognition.
  • Japan - An officially recognised supporters' club.
  • Somalia - Another one which looks good but is completely unintelligible. Anyone care to comment?.
  • South Africa - Official South African supporters' club site.
  • Sweden - Officially recognised Swedish supporters' club.
  • Sweden - Svenska Fans - Another Swedish site, looks like it's part of a bigger 'footymad' style site (?).
  • Thailand - Thai version of the official site. Looks nice, unintelligible. Any Thai speakers/readers care to comment?.
  • Thailand (unofficial) - Thai Gooners community.
  • Switzerland - Officially recognised supporters club.

(Page 1 > 1-25 of 33)


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